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Category: Vineyard Irrigation

How to run a vineyard in a drought blog image

How to Run a Vineyard in a Drought

If you haven’t already had to deal with drought or water restrictions at your vineyard, it’s inevitable you will at some point in the future. That’s why we’ve put together a list of practical tips to help you run your grape vines under these conditions.  

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How climate change impacts growers blog post image

Climate Change Impacts and Mitigation Strategies for Growers

In this post, we take a look at six different ways climate change directly impacts farmers and growers, and what you can do to help mitigate and prepare for them.

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Water distribution uniformity best practices

6 Best Practices for Achieving High Water Distribution Uniformity (DU)

Achieving high water distribution uniformity is essential to avoid over-irrigation in some areas and under-irrigation in others, which can cause water stress in plants, reduce crop yields, and waste water.

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Top challenges vineyard managers face in 2023

Top Challenges Vineyard Managers Face in 2023

Vineyard managers also face many other challenges that can affect the growth and production of grapes. Here are some of the biggest challenges vineyard managers face and how they can be overcome:

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James A. King, viticulturist and grape growing expert

How James A. King Keeps Vineyards Running Smoothly

For over twenty years, James has kept things running smoothly at dozens of vineyards, navigating droughts and labor shortages

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Smart irrigation controller vs smart irrigation valve

Smart Irrigation Valves vs. Smart Irrigation Controllers for Automation

Smart irrigation controllers require components to form a complete system. That means sourcing parts from different manufacturers and sourcing software from a developer and trying to install them so that they work harmoniously together.

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Why irrigation automation hasn't been widely adopted thumbnail image

Why Irrigation Automation Hasn’t Been Widely Adopted… Yet

Why hasn’t irrigation automation been widely adopted in vineyards? There are a few common barriers to automation in the vineyard that are perhaps the most obvious to those who farm the land: reliability, cost, and connectivity. 

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