Lumo Smart Irrigation System


Lumo is a smart irrigation system that helps growers save water, improve crop quality, and reduce costs


Eliminate manual tasks like opening/closing valves


Add as many valves as needed to achieve uniform water distribution


Gain complete insights into water usage and system health by detecting leaks and clogs


Conserve water, reduce energy, and save on overhead

Smart Irrigation Control System

Perfect for Any Drip Irrigation System

Lumo smart valves have built-in flow meters providing automation, precision, and advanced data reporting. No complicated scheduling, logging, or manual configuration required.

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Boost the Productivity of Everyone in Your Operation

For Irrigators

Get more out of your work day by spending less time manually operating and monitoring your irrigation system.
Lumo Smart Irrigation Irrigator
Lumo Smart Irrigation Home Page Viticulturist

For Viticulturists

Maximize your yields and make better crop management decisions by knowing exactly when, where, and how much water was used.

For Owners

Reduce operation costs and conserve water with a data-driven irrigation system that ensures crops only get water when they need it.

Lumo Smart Irrigation Owner

What the Experts Are Saying About Lumo

With Lumo's Smart Irrigation System You Get...

Managed Control

All scheduling and reporting accessed through easy to use web or mobile app

Wireless Everything

Valves are battery powered and wirelessly connected to the Lumo platform

Easy Setup And Use

Plug-and-play design makes it easy to install anywhere. Manage your irrigation at the block, sub-block, or row level

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Qualified applicants will get free access to Lumo’s Smart Irrigation System for the 2022 growing season

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