About Lumo

Sustainable Water Management is Critical
For Our Future

The UN is currently predicting a 40% shortfall in
freshwater resources by 2030
3 billion

Affected by water shortages

The amount of freshwater available per person has plunged by a fifth over two decades


Decline in freshwater species since 1970

This is compared to a 68% decline across all species


of global wetlands have been lost since 1970

We are losing wetlands three times faster than natural forests

Why We Exist

To Make Meaningful Change, We Must
Improve Irrigation Efficiency

Climate change and population growth are forcing governments and growers to adopt new water management technology. Currently, the systems that growers have for managing and tracking irrigation are broken and wasteful. Lumo’s technology will not only help them in terms of productivity and profitability, but it will also support them as stewards of the planet. 

Irrigation Takes Up 70% of Total Global Freshwater Use

Irrigation Is Growing
Faster Than Any Other
Use Case

Our Story

Lumo was founded by a small group of tech entrepreneurs, each wanting to step up to do our part helping solve the impact climate change has on our water supply.

We know that we’re facing a water shortage. But we have to move from knowing to doing.

To solve the problem of freshwater availability, we believe we must invent more efficient ways to irrigate so we can protect the world’s most precious resource – water.

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