Smart Irrigation System


Lumo is a first of its kind smart irrigation valve that helps growers save water, improve crop quality and reduce costs


Remote Irrigation Control & Monitoring

Lumo’s cloud connected smart valves have built-in flow monitoring that provides complete accountability over system performance

Lumo Smart Valve
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Completely Wireless

Internet connected and solar powered for easy install and maintenance

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Built-in Flow Monitoring

Know exactly when and how much water is moving through your system
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Rugged Construction

Fiber reinforced engineered polymer for added confidence and durability
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Innovative Design

Tamper proof manual operation and soft-close technology to prevent water hammer


Complete Optimization & Automation

Lumo’s intuitive irrigation management software provides full visibility into the health of your irrigation system.
Lumo's precision irrigation software
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Schedule irrigations to run on autopilot with confidence
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Flow Health

Monitor the health of your system and detect leaks in real time
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Data & Reporting

Digital system of record for all water used at the block level makes reporting easy
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Flow monitoring enables
volume based scheduling
for added precision

Why Growers Love Lumo

lower costs

Lower Costs

• Cut irrigation labor costs through automation
• Reduce electricity costs by irrigating at off-peak hours

Higher Yield & Quality

• Unprecedented control over irrigations
• Improve your water distribution uniformity

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Reduce Water by Half

• Irrigate overnight to minimize evaporation 
• Identify catastrophic leaks in real-time

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Trusted by world class growers

What the Experts Are Saying
About Lumo

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We place a lot of emphasis on innovation, efficiency and sustainability, that’s why we’re impressed with Lumo and its promise to optimize water usage for commercial growers like us.
Ryan Decker from Clos du Val
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Ryan Decker


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Precise irrigation inputs are key to optimizing the quality and yield of our crop. We’re excited to partner with Lumo to execute in these areas, and advance our farming operation.
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Kurt Beitler

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We are inspired by what Lumo is making possible and look forward to broadly implementing their technologies in our wineyard operations.
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Rob Harris


With Lumo’s Smart Irrigation System You Get...

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Managed Control

Scheduling and reporting accessed through easy-to-use web or mobile app

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Completely Wireless

Valves are solar powered and wirelessly connected to the Lumo platform
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Easy Install

Plug-and-play design makes Lumo easy to install and maintain

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News & Resources

Here at Lumo, we talk a lot about the water scarcity and concerns in California because that’s where we’re based. However, we know we certainly don’t have the corner on the market when it comes to water shortages on a global scale.

In this post, we take a look at six different ways climate change directly impacts farmers and growers, and what you can do to help mitigate and prepare for them.

REVM is among the first vineyard management companies to recognize the benefits of Lumo's smart irrigation technology.

Proud supporters of the grower and
climate action community

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