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    Your Dedicated Irrigation Partner

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    by Steele Roddick

    I was in California a few weeks ago, chatting with a couple vineyard managers and viticulturists, and the word partner kept coming up. “We’re happy to be working with a partner like Lumo.” “The partnership with Lumo has been great.” That sort of thing.

    And at first, I wondered if it was the correct word. Were we really partners? Or were we just a tech vendor and a customer?

    But the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve come to realize they were using exactly the right word.

    Lumo isn’t just a technology provider. We’re a dedicated irrigation partner.

    When Lumo customers run their first irrigation with our smart valves, we reach out to let them know a member of our support team is paying attention and to update them on any immediate issues we see in the flow data.

    We aim to catch issues as early as possible, to proactively provide updates, and to play a part in both diagnosing and resolving whatever issue has come up, regardless of who or what is to blame.

    We do not view customer support as a cost to be minimized. We view it as a strategic pillar of the product and service we deliver.

    We don't sell systems and say see you later. We take pride in delivering exceptional results. And we know those results depend on actively supporting our customers and our technology, in the field and online.

    No matter how high quality our system is, no matter how rugged our valves are, issues are going to arise. There are going to be leaks and old emitters. There are going to be blocks that perform way differently than expected, for a whole bunch of reasons, and we’re committed to helping you figure out what’s going on and working together to find solutions so that you can get the right volumes of water applied to all your blocks.

    Extended delays and downtime are unacceptable when you’re talking about irrigation. Water can’t wait.

    We understand the importance of accountability.

    The fundamental problem with irrigating manually, and with many of the earlier attempts at irrigation automation, is that you were always left in the dark about how your irrigation system was performing and what volumes of water were actually being applied.

    Lumo is like turning on the lights. Suddenly you can see precise volumes and your exact system performance at a block level. That gives you a new level of confidence and accountability. It gives you data you can make decisions based on.

    Then our team works with you to surface the most relevant insights and improve the performance of your system, whether that’s replacing old emitters, scoping out requirements for a new pump, scheduling your irrigations differently, or otherwise.

    Our system even learns about the performance of your blocks over time, creating a baseline expectation that we use to provide even more trustworthy alerts about leaks and other issues.

    We irrigate with you.

    Partners engage in an activity together—business, dance, life.

    That’s why it’s the right word. Because we irrigate with you.

    We monitor your flow rates, with algorithms and eyeballs, to catch problems as soon as they pop up. We have a field team on the ground, in your area, ready to drive out to your ranch if a part or entire valve needs to be swapped out.

    We are actively engaged in ensuring your irrigations perform according to your expectation and that the precise volumes of water you recommended get applied to your crops.

    We are not just another tech vendor. We are your dedicated irrigation partner.

    If you're looking for a trusted partner to bring precision, efficiency and accountability to your irrigation process, contact us at [email protected] or request a demo here.

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