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Category: Irrigation Technology

Smart irrigation controller vs smart irrigation valve

Smart Irrigation Valves vs. Smart Irrigation Controllers for Automation

Smart irrigation controllers require components to form a complete system. That means sourcing parts from different manufacturers and sourcing software from a developer and trying to install them so that they work harmoniously together.

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Why irrigation automation hasn't been widely adopted thumbnail image

Why Irrigation Automation Hasn’t Been Widely Adopted… Yet

Why hasn’t irrigation automation been widely adopted in vineyards? There are a few common barriers to automation in the vineyard that are perhaps the most obvious to those who farm the land: reliability, cost, and connectivity. 

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Vineyard irrigation technology

Vineyard Irrigation Technologies for Efficient Growing

Vineyard irrigation practices have come a long way in the last half-century. In this post, we’ll examine irrigation technologies for both system operation and for system feedback.

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basics of precision irrigation in agriculture

The Basics of Precision Irrigation in Agriculture

Precise irrigation is a method used to water and supply crops with nutrients at a scheduled time, at the right place, and in sufficient quantity to promote yields. This method targets the roots to minimize water wastage.

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