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    Smart Irrigation Valves vs. Smart Irrigation Controllers for Automation

    Smart irrigation controller vs smart irrigation valve
    by Devon Wright

    There are a number of irrigation automation products on the market. But unlike all of those products, Lumo is a self-contained device and software package that serves as your valve, your control, and your feedback. 

    Lumo is the only smart irrigation valve. Other automated irrigation systems may incorporate ‘smart’ software, but it’s not built-in and implemented across the whole system or in a user-friendly manner.  

    The traditional approach to irrigation automation

    Traditionally, when automating an irrigation system for a vineyard, irrigation specialists look at individual components to form a complete system. That means sourcing parts from different manufacturers and sourcing software from a developer and trying to install them so that they work harmoniously together. It’s often easier said than done.

    The key components of a traditional, completely automated irrigation system include:

    • Electronic valves (typically latching solenoids)
    • Feedback sensors, including flow meters (measuring the rate of flow) and pressure sensors or switches (measuring pressure in the line)
    • Telemetry units that connect to the valves and both receive and send data (for control and feedback, respectively)
    • Software working in conjunction with the telemetry system that permits control and data visualization for system monitoring

    Each of these components require a separate skill set to install, program, and manage. With so many different (literally) moving parts, there’s a lot of room for error. That also makes for a clunky setup with wiring at every individual valve, ripe for damage by tractors and other equipment.

    While valves and sensors tend to be rather generic, telemetry systems can be highly - and sometimes overly - complex, making it difficult to configure and to execute irrigations flawlessly. Pair them with software, and there are countless things that can go wrong. When this type of system works, it’s great. But the catch is, it doesn’t always work how and when you want it to. That’s a problem when you’re depending on watering your crops at the click of a button. 

    Lumo’s all-in-one approach to irrigation automation

    Lumo is an all-in-one, internet-connected wireless valve system that’s easy to install with no manual configuration required. Instead of sourcing components to build out a system, Lumo valves contain everything you need for an efficient, reliable system, with built-in:

    • Motor driven valve actuation with soft-close technology
    • Flow rate data sensors
    • Inlet and outlet union connections for ease of installation and replacement
    • Solar-charged batteries built to last multiple growing seasons

    Lumo’s proprietary irrigation management software is designed for complete optimization and automation. Purposefully created to be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime, Lumo’s intuitive software balances user-friendly features and clean design with precise, customizable control and data visualization. Lumo’s software capabilities include:

    • Automatic irrigation with reliable scheduling
    • Real-time leak and blockage detection
    • Fast and easy water usage reporting at the block and farm level
    • Volume based scheduling that eliminates under or overwatering 
    • Flow health for visibility into irrigation performance
    • Real-time access to water usage to confirm accuracy of irrigations


    With this all-star, all-in-one system, growers can lower labor costs and reduce electricity costs by irrigating at off-peak hours. Lumo can help farmers achieve higher yield and quality through unprecedented precision control and improved water distribution uniformity. 

    Lumo was conceived to meet the demands of 21st century growers and to help address our planet’s water crisis. The United Nations predicts a 40 percent shortfall in freshwater resources by 2030. Agricultural irrigation uses 70 percent of the world’s freshwater, and significant amounts of that percentage go to waste due to inefficient irrigation systems, leaks, lack of precision control, and plain old human error, to name a few. 

    Lumo can help growers reduce water consumption for themselves and for the planet by enabling them to:

    • Irrigate by volume with precision, cutting back waste
    • Identify catastrophic leaks in real-time
    • Automatically irrigate at night to minimize evaporation without boots in the field

    In order to more efficiently use water, it’s essential that we have accurate data to rely on. Because Lumo is fully integrated with your irrigation system, its real-time data can help inform your day-to-day decisions, but it can also easily map your water use over any period of time, whether that be month on month or season on season. Lumo doesn’t just provide control for your irrigation system, it gives you the resources to fully understand and improve your irrigation system for the yield and quality you seek.

    To get in touch and learn more about how Lumo can help you farm for a better future, contact us here or at [email protected]

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