Irrigation Automation for Growers


Irrigation Management system for growers
Unlike other irrigation automation solutions, all Lumo valves have built-in flow sensors, so growers can trust that their irrigations are performing accurately every single time. That means no more worrying about valves failing to open or close when they should – Lumo puts irrigation on auto-pilot!

Powered by Lumo’s Smart Irrigation Valve

Completely Wireless
Internet connected and solar powered for easy install and maintenance

Built-in Flow Monitoring

Know exactly how much water your crops receive

Innovative Design

Tamper-proof flow control and soft-close technology

Rugged Build

Fiber reinforced engineered polymer for added durability
Lumo smart water valve

How Irrigation Automation Works


Schedule irrigations from Lumo’s intuitive management software



Lumo will execute irrigations automatically and track water flow in real-time



Detect and automatically stop irrigations if flow-rate is abnormally too high or low

Irrigation Automation Benefits

With reliable and trustworthy irrigation automation, you can redeploy valuable resources to other areas of your business.
User Friendly
Intuitive software that’s easy to learn and use
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Cloud Managed

Access, monitor, and update your irrigation system from anywhere
lower costs

Reduce Costs

Eliminate time-consuming tasks associated with irrigating manually like labor and gas
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Save Water

Never worry about forgetting to close a valve or over watering your crops

Volume Based Irrigation Scheduling

Run irrigations based on volume of water not length of time. When Lumo records the desired volume of water, it will close the valve, giving you precision control over your irrigations.

Detect Catastrophic Leaks

Lumo’s flow sensors play a critical role in detecting leaks in your irrigation system. If an abnormally high flow rate is detected, it is likely due to a broken drip line downstream from the Lumo valve.

Digital Record Keeping

All data captured from Lumo’s smart valves is recorded and saved for digital record keeping. This allows growers to instantly generate reports for internal use or compliance.

Why Growers Love Lumo

Eliminate manual tasks like opening/closing valves
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Deliver exact volumes of water and improve distribution uniformity
Gain complete insight into water usage and flow health
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Conserve water, reduce energy and save on labor costs

Irrigation Automation Frequently Asked Questions

Irrigation automation is the use of technology to automate the process of watering crops or plants. This can involve using sensors, controllers, and other devices to manage water delivery, as well as software and data analytics to optimize water use and increase crop yields.

The benefits of irrigation automation include improved crop yields, reduced water use, increased efficiency, and cost savings. By automating irrigation, farmers and growers can more accurately control water delivery to crops, reduce waste, and optimize plant growth.

When choosing an irrigation automation system, it is important to consider factors such as the type of crops being grown, the soil type and texture, the climate and weather patterns in the area, and the availability of water resources. It is also important to consider the cost of the system and its installation and maintenance requirements.

Irrigation automation can help conserve water by delivering water only when and where it is needed, reducing waste from overwatering or inefficient delivery. By using sensors and other technology to monitor soil moisture levels, weather conditions, and other factors, irrigation systems can optimize water delivery and reduce overall water use.

No, the Lumo mobile app is free for as many users required to manage your farm.

Farmers and growers can get started with irrigation automation by consulting with irrigation specialists or technology providers, and by conducting a thorough assessment of their irrigation needs and resources. It is also important to consider the cost and potential return on investment of different irrigation automation options.

Lumo’s software was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, however, if you do require training or support, this is provided at no additional cost.
Yes, Lumo is perfect for small, single property farms, or large businesses managing multiple farms across several locations.

Lumo’s software is included with your monthly subscription fee, which is determined by the number of valves you require.

Common challenges associated with irrigation automation include system complexity, sensor and equipment maintenance, and data management and analysis. Ensuring that sensors and controllers are properly calibrated and maintained is important to ensure accurate water delivery, and managing data from multiple sources can be a challenge.

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