Intelligent Irrigation Automation Software

Yet Powerful

Lumo uses a modern cloud-managed platform to power your network of smart water valves, making irrigation automation easy, accountable, and more efficient than ever.

Lumo Smart Irrigation Software Desktop and Mobile Software

Irrigation Automation

All scheduling, management, and monitoring can be easily accessed and updated from anywhere, anytime.


Intuitive design that that's easy to learn and use


Access, monitor, and update your irrigation system from anywhere


Duplicate schedules and automatically generate reports

Control From Anywhere

Manage and monitor your irrigation system without having to visit your site directly. The Lumo mobile app and web dashboard allow you to see system status updates while keeping an eye on water consumption in real time.

  • Manage remotely via mobile or web app
  • Provide view or edit permissions to your team
  • Eliminate unnecessary site visits
Irrigation Automation Control From Anywhere
Lumo screenshots showing irrigation block level management

Advanced Reporting​

All Lumo smart water valves have built-in flow meters that send real-time data to your dashboard, reporting on water usage and system health.

  • Automatically generate custom or pre-built reports
  • Receive alerts and water usage summaries
  • Collect historical data for future planning

Third Party Integrations

Lumo can share and receive data to or from third party sources, giving you more information for better decision making – and saving you time by avoiding tedious data entry.

  • Import data for easy reference when creating schedules
  • Export data for AgCode or other management software
  • Eliminate time-consuming data entry and logging
Infographic of different components that can integrate with Lumo

Why Growers Love Lumo


Eliminate manual tasks like opening/closing valves


Add as many valves as needed to achieve uniform water distribution


Gain complete insight into water usage, system health, and status of leaks or clogs


Conserve water, reduce energy use, and save on overhead

Irrigation Automation
Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Lumo mobile app is free for as many users required to manage your farm.

Lumo’s software was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, however, if you do require training or support, this is provided at no additional cost.

Yes, Lumo is perfect for small, single property farms, or large businesses managing multiple farms across several locations.

Lumo’s software is included with your monthly subscription fee, which is determined by the number of valves you require. If you need to add additional valves, there is no incremental fee for for the software.

Enroll in Our Pilot Program

Qualified applicants will get free access to Lumo’s smart irrigation system for the 2022 growing season