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Category: Water Scarcity

How to run a vineyard in a drought blog image

How to Run a Vineyard in a Drought

If you haven’t already had to deal with drought or water restrictions at your vineyard, it’s inevitable you will at some point in the future. That’s why we’ve put together a list of practical tips to help you run your grape vines under these conditions.  

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How different regions around the world are approaching water scarcity

How Different Regions Around the World Are Approaching Water Scarcity

Here at Lumo, we talk a lot about the water scarcity and concerns in California because that’s where we’re based. However, we know we certainly don’t have the corner on the market when it comes to water shortages on a global scale.

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farmers guide to water scarcity

A Farmer’s Guide to Preparing for Water Scarcity

If you are a farmer in the United States, this five-step guide can help you prepare for water scarcity to minimize its impact on your crop production.

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Rethinking century old water rights Colorado river

Rethinking Centuries-Old Water Rights in the American West: Part II

As the drought plaguing the American West endures for a third year, something unprecedented has occurred in the California state Senate: a written recognition that California’s water rights are over-allocated.

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Rethinking water rights - Colorado river

Rethinking Centuries-Old Water Rights in the American West: Part I

Like many other elements of American settlement, water was first-come, first-served. If you were smart, you settled on land with as much water as possible, giving you claim to valuable water rights.

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park farm winery vineyard

How Changing Weather Conditions Have Impacted Park Farm Winery

Over the winery’s 21-year history, Jim Cushman— Park Farm Winery’s vineyard manager— has observed many of the same things other grape growers have within the region (and beyond) have when it comes to climate patterns

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The Colorado River Is Drying Up Faster Than Expected: How Will Farming Be Impacted

There is little doubt that a declining Colorado River will soon mean major changes to farming practices. The Bureau of Reclamation has asked the seven states that rely on the Colorado River to reduce their consumption by a total of 2 to 4 million acre feet of water over the next year.

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