Irrigation Valve For Growers

Smart Irrigation

Gain unprecedented control and monitoring over your irrigation system with Lumo’s smart irrigation valve for growers. Save time and water while reducing costs by automating your irrigation and water usage reporting.

Lumo Smart Water Valve Hardware Image

Irrigation Valve Benefits

Managing your irrigation system has never been easier! Lumo’s advanced irrigation valves, known as smart water valves, make it convenient and affordable to automate your entire irrigation system. No complicated install, setup or manual configuration is required.

Rugged & Reliable

Thoroughly field tested across multiple California growing seasons

Reduce Costs

Reduce labor costs by eliminating site visits to manage your irrigation

Save Water

Accurate and precise water delivery means you only use what your crops need without ever over watering

Operate Remotely

All irrigation valves can be managed and monitored from anywhere via the Lumo app. This means you don’t need to be physically on site in order to open/close valves. You can also check the status of your irrigation from your mobile device to ensure everything is running as planned.

  • Create irrigation schedules that run automatically and account for recharge time and pressure limitations
  • Make changes to your irrigation schedule from anywhere
  • Manage multiple sites, blocks and valves from a single platform
Screenshots of Lumo mobile water usage metrics

Data and Reporting

Lumo closes the loop between planned and actual irrigations by collecting water usage data from every valve. This is made possible with sensors that are built-in to every Lumo smart water valve.

  • Automatically track water usage data at the block or sub-block level
  • Setup recurring daily, weekly, monthly or custom reports with the click of a button
  • Export data into other farm management software applications like AgCode

Purpose Built for Agriculture

Lumo was built with the unique challenges of farms, ranches and other agricultural landscapes in mind. Our wireless irrigation valves are able to function across long ranges and varying topographies with limited network coverage.

  • Rugged design built to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Solar recharge batteries that last multiple growing seasons
  • Long range connectivity for remote areas and challenging topographies
Lumo screenshots showing irrigation block level management

Why Growers Love Lumo


Eliminate manual tasks like opening/closing valves


Add as many valves as needed to achieve uniform water distribution


Gain complete insight into water usage, system health, and status of leaks or clogs


Conserve water, reduce energy use, and save on overhead

Irrigation Valve Frequently Asked Questions

Irrigation control valves or irrigation valves, are used to regulate the flow of water in an irrigation system. They come in multitudes of shapes, sizes, materials and types for various agricultural applications.

As mentioned above, there are several types of irrigation control valves, each of which use different mechanical designs to open or close the valve. 

Lumo’s smart valves are built with latching solenoid technology, which allows the valve to remain open without the need for direct current. This allows the valves to operate with minimal energy being required.

In addition to using latching solenoid technology to significantly reduce power consumption, Lumo’s irrigation control valves, aka smart water valves, also have built in sensors to track water usage and pressure anomalies. This is incredibly valuable for growers who want to validate their water output for various blocks or sub-blocks in addition to detecting leaks and clogs in their lines. 

No, each one of Lumo’s valves operates independently of a central irrigation controller or hub. Essentially, each valve has its own built-in irrigation controller. This makes acquiring and installing Lumo valves incredibly affordable and easy, since they don’t need to be in close proximity to a main controller. 

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