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Unprecedented Control

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Precision Irrigation Technology That’s Purpose Built for Growers

We completely redefined precision irrigation. Deliver the exact volume of water you want on your crops with less waste, better distribution uniformity and higher quality yields

Precision Irrigation

Lumo Smart Irrigation Valve
Hardware - Lumo One
The only smart irrigation valve with built-in communications and flow monitoring.
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Software - The Ops Center
Irrigation management software that provides complete visibility and control over your irrigations.
Lumo service truck
Support and service comes standard and is available on-site and on-line

How Precision Irrigation 

  • 1. Install Lumo One valves in your irrigation blocks/zones. Done by you or our Field Team.
  • 2. Log in to The Ops Center to create or modify your irrigation schedule.
  • 3. Lumo automatically runs irrigations and monitors for leaks or abnormalities.
  • 4. Audit and optimize your irrigation operations with data and reporting.

Precision Irrigation

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Eliminate Costs

by automating up to 90% of your current irrigation labor.
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Monitor Your Irrigations

in real-time with Lumo’s irrigation management software.
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Deliver the Exact Amount of Water

by specifying a target volume by block or zone.
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Backed by Your Local Lumo Support Team

to ensure your irrigations perform flawlessly.
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Precision Irrigation

What is precision irrigation?

Precision irrigation is an irrigation method that uses technology to apply water and nutrients to crops in a precise and efficient manner. It involves using sensors, data analysis, and automated systems to ensure that crops receive the exact amount of water and nutrients they need, at the right time and in the right place.

How does precision irrigation help save water?

Precision irrigation saves water by optimizing water use. By using sensors that collect data on water usage, farmers can avoid overwatering and underwatering, and apply water only when and where it is needed. This can help reduce water usage by up to 30%, compared to traditional irrigation methods.

What are the challenges of implementing a precision irrigation system?

Traditionally, the main challenges of implementing precision irrigation systems were the cost of technology and equipment, the need for specialized knowledge and training, and the complexity of managing data and systems, however, Lumo has made this technology affordable and accessible to most growers.

What types of crops benefit most from precision irrigation?

Precision irrigation can benefit a wide range of crops, but it is particularly useful for crops that are sensitive to water stress or that require precise amounts of water and nutrients. Examples include fruits and vegetables, turfgrass, and high-value crops such as grapes and almonds.
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