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    Lumo launches new branding, reflective of its deep connection to growers

    Lumo helps growers save time, money and water
    by Bennett Fitzgibbon

    Smart Agtech company refreshes look and feel, highlighting its role as a catalyst in helping growers conserve their most precious resources of time, money, and water

    SONOMA COUNTY, Calif., June, 29, 2023 – Lumo [], a Smart Agtech company that supports growers and tackles water challenges head on using the most advanced water technology available, is pleased to announce a significant branding update. This strategic move reinforces Lumo's commitment to the agricultural community and highlights its unique position as a company that truly understands and serves the needs of growers.

    "Lumo's new branding represents our unwavering commitment to growers and to revolutionize agriculture’s irrigation industry,” says Bennett Fitzgibbon, Lumo’s VP of Marketing. “Our new brand further deepens our connection to growers and shows them that irrigation with Lumo is easy, data driven, and accountable. With this focused company mandate and a new grower-first brand experience, we’re clearly showing our full dedication to serving growers and to making technology that works for them.”

    This update, fueled by new brand positioning, a compelling brand story, and comprehensive brand guidelines, better highlights the differentiated value the company provides compared to conventional irrigation automation solutions that have plagued growers with frustration due to their clunky, expensive, and complicated nature.

    Lumo’s solution has emerged as a disruptive force in the irrigation industry. The Lumo One Smart Valve – a plug-and-play device that measures flow, consumption, and takes care of water application according to the grower's irrigation plan – was developed by members of the Lumo team who immersed themselves in the agricultural landscape by working alongside growers. The Lumo One Smart Valve is backed by around the clock customer service support through Field Partners who are responsible for taking care of clients' onsite needs. 

    Recently celebrating its first anniversary, Lumo has raised has raised  $3.9 million in pre-seed funding to date, led by Fall Line Capital, a VC focused on farmland and sustainable agriculture technologies. Lumo is backed by an advisory board of notable Agtech executives, VCs, and viticulturists that are helping the company accelerate all critical areas of the business. 

    About Lumo

    Lumo is a Smart Agtech company that supports growers and tackles water challenges head on using the most advanced water technology available today. The Lumo One smart valve allows growers to precisely control and measure how much water is applied to their crops at all times, reducing labor costs, excess water usage and eliminating the irrigation guesswork. We’re proud of what we’ve built at Lumo and the prestigious growers who have become our friends and customers. Our team takes great pride in working to help growers conserve their most precious resources - time, money and water. Learn more by visiting 

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