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    by Bennett Fitzgibbon

    Napa County, Calif., March 26, 2024 – Lumo, a smart irrigation technology company that enables growers to improve labor productivity and water efficiency, is proud to announce a partnership with PumpMan NorCal, a leading provider of onsite maintenance, repair, and replacement for all components in water and wastewater pumping systems. Lumo’s solution consists of its smart irrigation valve, known as Lumo One, and its proprietary irrigation management software, the Ops Center. Lumo One working with the Ops Center software enables growers to continuously measure and precisely control water usage in their fields. The benefit to growers is they will use less water and fewer labor hours to control their irrigation systems than is possible with conventional methods.  Additionally, the Ops Center software will provide growers with real time and historical information on water flow rate and water usage to enable growers to make timelier and better informed decisions in managing their irrigation systems.  

    This partnership between Lumo and PumpMan NorCal will make Lumo One available to growers throughout Northern California. PumpMan NorCal will stock, promote, demonstrate, install, and service Lumo One in all irrigation systems in the region. 

    PumpMan NorCal has served Northern California’s agricultural sector for decades by bringing innovative solutions to optimize the performance and reliability of growers’ water systems. Recognizing Lumo's product as an important innovation to improve water conservation and labor productivity in irrigation systems, NorCal partnered with Lumo to expand the availability of Lumo One in the region. 

    "We are thrilled to partner with PumpMan NorCal to bring Lumo's irrigation technology to their customers,” says Devon Wright, CEO of Lumo. "Our collaboration is more than just a partnership; it's a shared vision for the future of water conservation in agriculture where simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability are readily available to growers wherever water is consumed. PumpMan NorCal’s water management expertise and established reputation with growers in the region was a natural fit for the marketing and installation of Lumo One. We are ensuring that growers have the tools they need to meet the water challenges of today, and tomorrow, in a region where water availability varies from season to season.” 

    “I was instantly impressed by Lumo's revolutionary technology,” stated Jason Smith, General Manager of Santa Rosa, CA-based PumpMan NorCal. “Great products need great distribution. By combining Lumo's state-of-the-art irrigation solution with PumpMan's extensive service capabilities and distribution network, this partnership establishes a new benchmark in agricultural water management, promising to deliver unmatched value to growers and contributing to a more sustainable environment.”

    Water management continues to grow in importance throughout the agricultural industry. Growers need to know how much water they’re using and where it's being used. Lumo One working with the Ops Center allows for precise and efficient measurement of water usage to maximize the efficiency of irrigation systems while also providing opportunities to reduce labor costs to manage these systems. 

    For more information on Lumo’s smart water technology and how it is helping growers conserve their most precious resources of time, money, and water, visit


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