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    Irrigation Technology Company, Lumo, Partners with Trusted Supplier of Vineyard Equipment Central Valley to Bring Smart Water Technology to California Growers

    Lumo partners with Central Valley to provide innovative irrigation solution to wine grape growers
    by Bennett Fitzgibbon

    Napa County, Calif., February 19, 2024 – Lumo, a smart irrigation company that supports growers and tackles water challenges head-on using the most advanced water technology available, is proud to announce its exclusive retail partnership with Central Valley, a leading supplier of vineyard equipment and materials in Northern California. Lumo is the only irrigation automation solution sold by Central Valley, marking a significant milestone in advancing sustainable viticulture practices and enhancing water management in the region.

    Central Valley, a trusted name in the industry with a rich history of serving pro builders and vineyard operators, has recognized the transformative potential of Lumo's state-of-the-art irrigation technology. By selling Lumo's innovative solution, Central Valley aims to help its customers elevate their vineyard management practices, streamline irrigation processes, and provide them with valuable insights to optimize resource utilization.

    "We're thrilled to partner with Central Valley, a trusted leader in irrigation and agricultural management, to bring Lumo's irrigation technology to Northern California growers,” says Devon Wright, Lumo CEO and Founder. “This collaboration will expand our reach and empower vineyard operators to cultivate their crops more efficiently, cost-effectively, and sustainably, contributing to a brighter future for agriculture in the region.”

    "Partnering with Lumo represents a strategic shift for Central Valley towards offering more advanced and sustainable solutions to our customers," remarked Larry Blake, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Central Valley. "Lumo's technology is sustainable, creates visibility for growers, and drives profitability for growers; frankly, it’s a solution that the agriculture industry needs, and we’re proud to help deliver it.”

    By offering Lumo's all-in-one irrigation automation solution, Central Valley will facilitate richer conversations with vineyard and vineyard management customers and provide them with more consultative, value-added services.

    "With Lumo's technology, we can empower vineyard managers with access to comprehensive data, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their irrigation processes," Blake continues. "This partnership allows us to enhance our offerings and deepen our relationships with customers, setting a new standard for vineyard management in Northern California."

    For more information on Lumo’s smart water technology and how it is helping growers conserve their most precious resources of time, money, and water, visit


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    Lumo is a Smart AgTech company that supports growers and tackles water challenges head on using the most advanced water technology available today. The Lumo One smart valve allows growers to precisely control and measure how much water is applied to their crops at all times, reducing labor costs, excess water usage and eliminating the irrigation guesswork. We're proud of what we've built at Lumo and the prestigious growers who have become our friends and customers. Our team takes great pride in working to help growers conserve their most precious resources - time, money and water. Learn more by visiting

    About Central Valley

    Central Valley is a leading, diversified, Top 100 U.S. building supply company that proudly serves pro builders and vineyard operators in Northern California. As a regional industry leader, with over $100 million in sales, we have 5 warehouses, 41 acres of inventory, 55 delivery vehicles, 2 fully stocked production yards that sell over 60 million board feet each year.

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