Irrigation Monitoring and Control For Growers

Monitoring & Control

Lumo’s irrigation monitoring and control system uses comprehensive cloud software to manage a network of smart water valves to provide automation and water usage tracking.

Irrigation Monitoring and Control Benefits

With Lumo, growers gain unprecedented automation and tracking of their most precious resource – water.

Reduce Costs

Cut labor costs associated with manually operating valves and inspecting irrigation lines

Save Water

Smart valves automatically shutoff when desired water volumes are met

Improve Crop Quality

Increase your water distribution uniformity (DU) rating through tighter control and monitoring

Manage From Anywhere

Lumo’s smart water valves can be controlled and managed from anywhere via the web or mobile app. This eliminates the need to be physically on site in order to irrigate.

  • Create irrigation schedules that run automatically
  • Monitor the the status of your irrigation system in real-time from the mobile app
  • Eliminate unnecessary site visits to manually turn valves on or off
Irrigation Automation Control From Anywhere

Automate Your Irrigation

Whether you’re managing 5 blocks or 500 blocks, Lumo’s software makes it easy for you to create irrigation schedules that account for recharge time and pressure limitations. Once the schedules have been created, they will automatically control your valves as necessary, in order to deliver the precise amount of water.

  • Create daily, weekly, or monthly recurring schedules that execute automatically
  • User-friendly and intuitive software
  • Significantly reduce labor costs associated with operating valves

Track Your Water Usage

Lumo’s smart water valves have built-in sensors to capture flow data so you can accurately track water usage across blocks or sub-blocks. This makes tracking your water usage simple and reliable.

  • Generate water usage reports at the click of a button
  • Monitor water usage and system status in real-time from the app
  • All data is digitized and securely stored in the cloud

Why Growers Love Lumo


Eliminate manual tasks like opening/closing valves


Add as many valves as needed to achieve uniform water distribution


Gain complete insight into water usage, system health, and status of leaks or clogs


Conserve water, reduce energy use, and save on overhead

Irrigation Monitoring and Control Frequently Asked Questions

Irrigation monitoring and control systems use modern technology to allow farmers and growers to automate several aspects of the irrigation process, such as:
-Turning valves on and off
-Collecting data around water usage
-Detecting anomalies in the system to alert for leaks or clogs

Unlike other irrigation automation systems, Lumo’s smart water valves don’t need to be paired with an irrigation controller or central hub. This provides more flexibility with installs/retrofits and drastically improves affordability since controller hardware can cost thousands of dollars. Lumo’s smart water valves also use sensors to track water usage and detect anomalies in pressure.

All of this data is collected and stored in Lumo’s cloud managed software that is intuitive and easy to use.

Lumo is priced based on the number of smart water valves required. The software and mobile app come free of charge, regardless of how many valves you are using.

To get an estimate of how much Lumo costs for your operation, contact us here.

Lumo’s proprietary smart water valves are the first of its kind for agricultural irrigation applications. The integrated sensors track flow data and detect anomalies in pressure to alert for leaks and clogs. Since they are completely wireless, installation and retrofits to existing systems are easy and affordable.

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