A Smarter Way to Irrigate

Irrigation Automation

Build your irrigation schedules with Lumo’s intuitive software and let them run on autopilot. Whether you’re managing 5 acres or 500 acres, creating schedules with Lumo is easy and uses smart logic to account for recharge times and pressure limitations. (and other data?

Data and Reporting

Smart water valve data is sent in real-time to the Lumo dashboard so you can monitor system status and health from anywhere via the web or mobile app. Water usage and system health reports can be easily generated with the click of a button.

Smart Water Valve

Lumo’s smart water valves are completely wireless to make deployment throughout farms easy, affordable and most importantly, reliable. They are also the only valves in the industry with embedded sensor technology to track water usage and detect leaks or clogs.

Cloud-Managed Irrigation

Access, monitor and update your irrigation system from anywhere via Lumo’s cloud-managed irrigation platform. Eliminate unnecessary site visits and travel time by only servicing sites that require attention per Lumo’s dashboard.

Farm Irrigation Technology


lumo water valves for growers

Lumo’s farm irrigation technology uses state of the art smart water valves that can be easily controlled and monitored via cloud-managed software.

Each smart water valve contains embedded sensors to track water flow and pressure, in order to detect leaks and clogs.

How Lumo's Farm Irrigation Valve Works


Install a Lumo valve on any block or sub-block you want to control and monitor



Schedule irrigations with Lumo’s intuitive irrigation management software‎



Lumo valves run automatically while monitoring flow rate and water consumption

Lumo's Farm Irrigation Valve Benefits

Managing your irrigation system has never been easier! Lumo’s farm irrigation valves make it convenient and affordable to automate your entire irrigation system. No complicated install, setup or manual configuration is required.

Completely Wireless
Internet connected and solar powered for easy install and maintenance

Built-in Flow Meter

Know exactly how much water your crops receive

Innovative Design

Tamper-proof flow control and soft-close technology

Rugged Build

Fiber reinforced engineered polymer for added durability

Volume Based Irrigation Scheduling

Run irrigations based on volume of water, not length of time. When Lumo records the desired volume of water, it will close the valve, giving you precision control over your irrigations.

Detect Catastrophic Leaks

Lumo’s flow sensors play a critical role in detecting leaks in your irrigation system. If an abnormally high flow rate is detected, it is likely due to a broken drip line downstream from the Lumo valve.

Digital Record Keeping

All data captured from Lumo’s smart valves is recorded and saved for digital record keeping. This allows growers to instantly generate reports for internal use or compliance.

Why Growers Love Lumo

Eliminate manual tasks like opening/closing valves
Deliver exact volumes of water and improve distribution uniformity
Gain complete insight into water usage and flow health
green sun
Conserve water, reduce energy and save on labor costs

Farm Irrigation Frequently Asked Questions

Farm irrigation is the process of applying water to crops to help them grow and thrive. It can be done through various methods, such as surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, and more.

Irrigation is important in farming because it provides crops with the necessary water they need to grow and thrive. Without irrigation, crops would not receive enough water, which could lead to poor growth and lower yields.

The different types of irrigation systems include surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, center pivot irrigation, and more.

Some factors that affect farm irrigation include soil type, crop type, climate, water availability, and irrigation system type and efficiency.

There is no limit to how many smart water valves you can use. Some growers only require a valve at the block level, while other prefer to create sub-blocks or even use a valve for each row of crops to achieve maximum control. With Lumo, you have complete control over how granular you want to get with your water distribution.
There is no expensive upfront cost for Lumo’s smart water valves. They are included with your yearly subscription fee, which is determined based on the number of vales you require.

Not hard at all! Lumo valves were designed for easy retrofit on any drip irrigation system. Typically the installation time can be completed in under 10 minutes.

What makes Lumo different from other irrigation automation solutions is that you don’t need to rip and replace your existing system or invest a lot of money upfront in hardware costs.

Our goal is to make precision irrigation affordable and accessible to all growers.

Some best practices for farm irrigation include using efficient irrigation systems, monitoring soil moisture levels, scheduling irrigation based on crop water needs, and reducing water waste through proper maintenance and management.

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