Drip Irrigation Timer System For Growers

Irrigation Technology

Lumo’s smart irrigation technology is purpose built for agriculture and is the next generation of drip irrigation timer systems. Our proprietary smart water valves are controlled by an easy to use dashboard, allowing growers to schedule their irrigation to run automatically with the click of a button.  

Drip Irrigation Timer Benefits

Lumo helps growers save time, water and money by replacing manual and repetitive tasks with an automated system. Whether you are managing 5 acres or 500 acres, automating your irrigation has never been easier or more reliable.

Easy to Install

Works with any drip irrigation system. Just plug-and-play!

User Friendly

Intuitive dashboard and app make Lumo easy to use

Reduce Costs

Eliminate the labor required to manually open and close valves

Irrigation on Autopilot

Lumo is a simple way to manage, monitor and control all irrigation valves from anywhere. You’ll have full control over when each valve operates, so you’ll get the most accurate watering schedules possible, with minimal waste. 

  • Remote management of your irrigation system with real-time system status visibility
  • Create a consistent watering schedule across multiple properties, blocks and sub-blocks that runs automatically
  • Easy to program, fast to install and 100% reliable
Lumo Smart Valve

Smart Water Valve

Lumo’s smart water valve can control the flow of water while recording volume and pressure data, all without any expensive installation or wiring.

  • Plug-and-play design that works with any drip irrigation system
  • Detect system anomalies to alert for leaks and clogs
  • Long range connectivity and energy efficient

Cut Operational Costs

Automated irrigation has direct hard cost savings though cutting labor hours by up to 50%, not to mention an additional 25-35% reduction in water consumption.

  • Eliminate manual tasks associated with opening/closing valves and inspecting lines
  • Reduce unnecessary site visits and travel time between properties
  • Cut back on water consumption with improved control and accuracy
Screenshots of Lumo mobile water usage metrics

Why Growers Love Lumo


Eliminate manual tasks like opening/closing valves


Add as many valves as needed to achieve uniform water distribution


Gain complete insight into water usage, system health, and status of leaks or clogs


Conserve water, reduce energy use, and save on overhead

Drip Irrigation Timer Frequently Asked Questions

Drip irrigation timers control the flow of water through an irrigation line or lines, based on settings that are programmed by the user. This allows users to divert water into specific zones or blocks at specified dates and times without having to manually open or close valves.

Drip irrigation timers can range from simple mechanical devices to advanced electronics, or a hybrid of both. 

Regardless of their makeup, all drip irrigation timers have a valve that is controlled based on settings that are programmed by the user.

Lumo’s irrigation system uses smart water valves, which can perform all of the same functions as a drip irrigation timer but with many more sophisticated features, such as:

  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Data collection of flow and pressure data
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Solar recharge power source  

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