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We are now accepting pre-orders for our 2024 vintage of Lumo One smart valves. Register below to gain access to the pre-order program.

Pre-order Benefits

  • Guaranteed inventory will be reserved to fulfill your order, along with priority installation dates.
  • Receive a 25% discount for full ranch/vineyard deployment of Lumo One smart valves.
  • Don’t pay until April 2024. Opt-out of your pre-order anytime without penalty.
  • Exclusive to Napa and Sonoma based growers only (some exceptions may be made).

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All-in-one Monitoring & Control

Lumo Smart Irrigation Valve
Hardware - Lumo One
The only smart irrigation valve with built-in communications and flow monitoring.
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Software - The Ops Center
Irrigation management software that provides complete visibility and control over your irrigations.
Lumo service truck
Support and service comes standard and is available on-site and on-line

Lumo Helps Growers Save 
Time, Money, and Water.

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Eliminate Costs

by automating up to 90% of your current irrigation labor.
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Monitor Your Irrigations

in real-time with Lumo’s irrigation management software.
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Deliver the Exact Amount of Water

by specifying a target volume by block or zone.
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Backed by Your Local Lumo Support Team

to ensure your irrigations perform flawlessly.


What makes Lumo different from other irrigation automation solutions?

Alternative irrigation solutions on the market use a traditional hub and spoke model, that require an irrigation controller (the hub) and hardwired solenoid valves (the spokes). This involves multiple products from different providers which make them complex, expensive and unreliable.

Lumo differentiates by being the first irrigation valve to have a built-in controller, the first to have a built-in flow sensor, and the first valve that is completely wireless and internet connected. All of which are powered by Lumo’s irrigation management software.

How does Lumo connect to the internet?

Lumo uses wireless mesh technology to receive commands to update or create new schedules and to provide real-time telemetry on how water is flowing through each valve.

The mesh network is created by connecting a single Lumo One valve, known as the root, to the internet via a 5G cellular modem that Lumo provides at no additional cost. The other Lumo One valves then ‘mesh’ off one another to cover long distances in remote locations.

What happens if the 5g cellular modem loses service?

The next generation of Lumo One valves have a large storage capacity to save irrigation schedules and flow data locally. This means that they will continue to operate seamlessly without an internet connection and transmit or receive data once the connection has been reestablished.

How much does Lumo One cost?

Lumo’s price is based on the number of Lumo One smart valves you require and the acreage under management by Lumo's Ops Center software. The Lumo One smart valves are a one-time fee, and the Ops Center software is a recurring annual fee. If you’d like an estimate, let’s chat by emailing us at [email protected] or requesting a demo here.
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